Why choose Francegrossiste.com ?

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Since 2005, FranceGrossiste.com selects for you, in a very rigorous way, the best Suppliers and Wholesalers of the whole world..
With a database of more than 4 million products, France Grossiste has become the undisputed leader.

What is the point of a shop without Suppliers?
Today, we propose you to create your e-commerce shop, associated to our evolving support of Suppliers and Wholesalers. For any creation of site E-commerce the directory FranceGrossiste you is acquired for life!

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A clear and unrivaled commercial offer

With more than 15 years of experience in the development of e-commerce sites, FranceGrossiste has adapted to the market and evolve to become one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. We collaborate with the 1st e-Commerce Publisher in Europe " PrestaShop"

In addition, an online commerce solution is not an extremely expensive investment. With FranceGrossiste.com you would have small operating costs and a single installation price, when you see the turnover that the website can potentially generate..

With more than 400 features, extension and essential modules and offering specific developments tailored to your needs for each core business, FranceGrossiste.com is able to support you even further in your online store creation project .




A simple, complete and powerful online storee

Simple, accessible, flexible and powerful are the adjectives that best qualify our e-commerce site creation offers.
Whatever your technical knowledge, you can easily create and animate your shop, set up your payment methods (CB, PayPal, check, ...), set up your delivery methods and customize all modes of communication with your customers and prospects .
In addition, you benefit from numerous marketing and sales promotion tools. Finally, we offer a pack including domain name, email addresses, hosting, e-Commerce application and derived tools (blog, photo gallery, forum, ...)

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Our shops are ready for optimized SEO

Regularly modified algorithms of search engines take into account many factors..
Among them: popularity on social networks, compliance with W3C standards, URL rewriting, meta tags, keywords, automated sitemap.xml .... All these features are available by default in our offers.

Exclusive support and technical support

With FranceGrossiste.com, you benefit from quality technical support and personalized support.
You do not have to search on forums for solutions to your technical problems, our technicians answer your questions 24 hours a day and provide you with all the advice and support solutions that will allow you to focus on your main job. sale.

Toutes les fonctionnalités de nos boutiques sont configurables depuis votre back office. Vous n'avez pas à installer les extensions et les modules vous même, nos techniciens se chargent de les installer pour vous.Néanmoins si vous avez besoin d'un développement spécifique pour votre boutique en ligne, nos ingénieurs peuvent y répondre.

Our clients !

"This is a first criterion of stability and seriousness."

We strive to bring our customers the best, we are the guarantors of the trust they give us.

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