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FranceGrossiste.com "is specialized in the Import / Export of Goods from around the world for almost 15 years.

With our experience we have created a platform,
we have been offering for 11 years on the internet.

The Yearbook
This unique directory, on the net, allows both Individuals and Professionals
to access the sites of Suppliers around the world who offer products
(single, half-big or big) with an average of - 70% of the prices found in stores.
This is a real research work, which mobilized our entire team
(including a correspondent in China), since the directory France Wholesaler,
which aims to put you directly in contact with the best wholesalers,
offers no less than 4 million products all together.
Classified under 95 different headings, which go from high-tech to gardening through
lingerie and perfume not to mention consumables
(see all the topics at the bottom of the "Wholesalers and Suppliers Directory" page),
our directory will allow you, too, to buy the best products at the best prices.


Warning :

Do not forget to check our e-commerce pages and consult the Chamber of Commerce
of your region to choose the professional status that suits you best.

Note: We also offer different customizable site formulas, delivered in 4 days.
For more details, visit the E.commerce page "Site Formulas".

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Security of transactions

Online payment is the most common way for credit purchases, so we give it the utmost importance.

France Wholesaler therefore offers a safe, simple and immediate system for receiving your orders.
All payment pages on our site are secure. They are encrypted by SSL and managed by companies specialized in online payment: Paypal or access providers.
France Wholesaler guarantees you maximum security during your transactions and a perfect confidentiality of your personal information.

Commercial contact :


E -mail: contact@francegrossiste.com

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